Quiz, Gin, Girls night in – August and September round up.

After our fabulous meeting  in July we had a hard act to follow.  So for our August Summer Social we got outdoors for a history walk quiz and indoor quiz at The Bakehouse Cafe.

The history quiz devised by members Janet, and Jacqui of the local Historical Society, was great fun. From old locations to historical figures, street names and landmarks. It had us all guessing and reminiscing.

social gathering at The Bakehouse cafe

We took over the whole of The Bakehouse and would like to thank again the staff who looked after us. Serving tea, coffee, cake and the most fabulous selection of Gin. It’s definitely on the calendar for another visit.

September was not so frivolous but was still fun. Girls Night In began with Radiographers from the Breast Care Team who came to educate and discuss the importance of Breast Screening and self care. They encourage anyone in the age range to attend their Breast Screening appointments as early detection of breast cancer has the best results. 

They brought leaflets and discussed self examination and chatted with members, answering questions and discussing  the role they have of making women feel at ease when attending appointments. 

Of course our usual selection of cakes and treats were available with the addition of a chocolate fountain, marshmallows and fruit. 

Henna tattoos, a preloved table of donated scarves, bags & jewellery for sale, and hand massages by a professional kept us all busy.  

…..And did I mention Pyjamas were the evenings attire. 

Runcorn WI pyjama night at September meeting


Once again the evening went by in a flash. We take a lot of time preparing for meetings and are thankful for the extra help members give when needed.


  1. Hi there,

    I am interested in joining the Runcorn branch of the WI. Can you tell what time you meet please?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Natalie, our details are on the About page. You’re welcome to come and join us for a visit and get some information as our membership is full at the moment. We have someone there to meet our visitors so you will be made welcome.

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