July meeting – Lucy Adlington and The Red Ribbon

For our July meeting we were lucky enough to invite Author Lucy Adlington to speak about her book The Red Ribbon. We know Lucy is a very popular speaker so we decided to hold the event in a bigger venue. Thanks to Bridgewater Motor Boat Club for hosting us.

Here’s a bit about Lucy: Lucy Adlington took an English degree from Cambridge University. She has an MA in Medieval Studies from the University of York.  For many years she worked running unique hands-on history workshops. Lucy now specialises in costume history, with a passion for the early 20th Century. She collects 19th- and 20th-century costume. Her ambition is to own an 18th century gown of Spitalfields silk.

Lucy’s history inspired novel, The Red Ribbon, was the subject of her talk. Using her suitcase collection of original clothing as her props she portrays the life of a seamstress in the prison camps of World War II.

Based on fact, Lucy’s retelling of stories from the camps had us captivated. Her expertise in relating the tales that inspired her book produced a rollercoaster of emotions as we listened.

We had just over 100 women attending the evening. Consisting of our members, visitors from local WI’s and a few invited guests.  A ‘red ribbon’ themed raffle, including cupcakes, raised funds for our local women’s refuge.

Alongside our usual tea and cakes we had the club bar open. Thanks to volunteer bar officer Greg, the only male in the building, for his hospitality and help.

If you get the opportunity to hear Lucy speak please take it up. She is interesting and entertaining and we highly recommend her and her book The Red Ribbon.


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