A gentle start to the year with Tai Chi

January started our year of wellbeing.

For our first meeting of 2019 we looked for an activity that all our members could join in with regardless of age or ability. We decided Tai Chi would be the perfect fit.

What is Tai Chi

Tai Chi was originally developed as a martial art in China. Now practised around the world as an exercise to promote good health, combining  flowing movements with deep breathing and relaxation. It is traditionally done standing but can be adapted for sitting. Its slow graceful continuous movements are gentle on joints and muscles.

We arranged for a qualified instructor to give a short session at the meeting. Our activities are always optional, most members joined in whilst others sat watching the techniques being demonstrated.

Runcorn WI taking part in Tai Chi

Tai Chi really is for everyone, its gentleness is unlikely to cause injury if done properly. It doesn’t stress the joints and can be adapted to people with a disability including wheelchair users.

Runcorn WI Tai Chi class at January meeting

Having a taster session is the best idea if you’re thinking of trying Tai Chi. If you do have a medical condition it’s always wise to speak to your GP before you start. Our instructor Paul Houghton has classes in various locations, you can find information here

Our members enjoyed it so much some of them have joined the class at Churchill Hall.

It was a good start to the year, we felt refreshed and calm. We now look forward to February, which being a 50’s night is going to be the total opposite!

Look out for the photos.


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